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We are SkillU!
by  SkillU     

We are SkillU!


Yes, it’s official!  

We are excited to announce that is now and out ofour beta phase(more on that in a later post). 


Why the rebranding?  

Rumors have been swirling for months.  Was AMG  acquired?  Did we change because of the addition of Google Instant, which resulted in unfavorable search results ?  While certainly we had more than one reason for this exciting decision, the truth is that our product has outgrown the AMG brand. 

The SkillU brand better embodies what we do.  As the pioneer in web based analysis tools we became defined solely an analysis solution for the masses.  While certainly we are still that fantastic solution, what was once AMG has evolved into the most advanced skill based learning platform and network in the world.   


Still the same focus...

SkillU is dedicated and committed to providing tools which enhance virtual learning and teaching for any sport or skill imaginable.  Whether you are a developing athlete, or an expert coach, we have an opportunity for you to learn, share, or teach your skill.  Remember, joining our community and getting access to our basic tools and social network is completely free!  

For those that want more advanced features check out our premium groups here!  And for you experts,  check out our fantastic new SkillCenters which will change the way you reach and teach your students! 


Take a look around and click on the Ask Us tab on the upper left of every page if you have questions!