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SkillU: Out of beta packed with new features!
by  SkillU     

So now that we have a fancy new package and url, you might be asking what else is new?  Well here is a rundown of some of the many feature additions.  Sit back as this may take awhile


  • Still free!:   Yes, we strive to provide basic technology that everyone on the planet can take advantage of to improve their skills!  Oh…and yes it’s still FREE.  In fact, you can register here with your Facebook account!


  • Sometimes free isn’t enough.  Get your own group!:  Over the course of the last year there  have been many of you who love our community and analysis tools but want more.  Our new premium groups are just what you have been asking for.  Our groups are an awesome solution for families, teams of all ages, leagues, academies, brands and more.  Starting at 29.99 a year…these are a can’t miss.  Check out the feature run down here.


  • Facebook Connect:  You can now register and share all your SkillU activities with your Facebook network. If you are already a member of SkillU, click on your profile and go to the Facebook icon to connect.  To register for SkillU using Facebook, click here.


  • Improved Profile:  Our profiles are designed to enhance and optimize learning and communication.  The new profile has new friending features, new private message management, and new video upload and privacy controls.  The new “my page” addition allows coaches, players, fans to customize and personalize their profile to better communicate their resume’s and experience.  Recruitable players can also utilize that space for essential recruiting information,etc.


  • Video Copies:   A much requested feature, the video copy allows any member of a private group to copy videos to and from public and private groups.  Ideal if you have video that you want to appear in several different groups. 


  • SkillCenter Updates:   For many of our beta virtual academies, otherwise known as SkillCenters, you will notice a few changes.  One being, the intention of our redesign was to minimize our branding and put the focus on your brand and SkillCenter.  We think we accomplished that.  Another fantastic feature is our added article and blogging tool.  The article and blogging tool allows you to add value to your community with blogging for the community as a whole.  A private newsletter of sorts.  Even better, articles can be assigned to specific users and private for their eyes only.  This will allow you to offer personalized teaching via text while also including links to drills, workout plans, analysis etc. 


These are just some of larger updates among many smaller.  Certainly design and rebranding was a big one as well.  Have questions about any of the new features?  Click the “Ask Us” button to reach out to a representative. Enjoy SkillU!