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Changing sports in 15 seconds or less.
by  SkillU     

 Many of you have asked why we only allow clips of 15 seconds or less on our system?  The reason is simple.  After years of research and collaboration with sports experts around the world, we realized that nearly every skill or play in sports boils down to 15 seconds or less.  

At SkillU we only want valuable, teachable moments.  We want every clip on our system to be relevant and meaningful.  We are an extremely efficient and cost effective solution and having a diet of content without all the fat allows our end users an efficient and optimal experience.  

Here is a run down of the many sports using our platform and the average duration required to capture those teachable moments:


American Football The average football play(NCAA/NFL) is 5.5 seconds.  The range typically varies from 4-11 seconds.  There is an average of 120-140 plays in total per game.
Baseball Average pitch to hit on average is less than 10 seconds.
Field Sports Based on suggestions of  top rugby, field hockey, lacrosse and soccer coaches 8-15 seconds is believed to be the optimal duration of capture of any skill, play, or posession.
Basketball In basketball(based on NBA) the average time of possession is 13.5 seconds. Time spent executing offense in the half court is on the average less than 10 seconds.
Surfing The average professional surfer rides for 7-15 seconds.
Bull Riding The average bullrider rides for an average of 8 seconds.
Golf Average golf swing takes 5 seconds.
Cricket Average cricket bowl  takes less than 10 seconds.
Tennis Average point duration in tennis is 8 seconds.
Bowling A bowler takes 10 seconds or less to bowl.
Track and Field In track and field the high jump, long jump, discus, javelin, shotput, and 100 meter dash all happen in 15 seconds or less.
Diving In diving a dive takes 7 seconds or less.


This list is of course not totally inclusive, but it demonstrates how nearly every valuable and teachable sports moment imaginable boils down to 15 seconds or less.  Join us and change your game in 15 seconds or less!