Sign In   -   Register Celebrates 6 Years of Innovation with the Release of Skillu 3.0
by  SkillU and its parent company, AVT, Inc.,  are proud to celebrate 6 years of being live on the web.  As the pioneer of cloud based video analysis and social networking solutions, SkillU continues to push the bar with its latest release. 

  In recognition of this milestone,  the next month will be dedicated to celebrating with our community by holding various contests and giveaways which will include tablets, mobile devices, GoogleTV, tripods, cameras and much more.  We will also be celebrating the many feature additions and design changes to our platform as well as the release of our premium API designed for businesses and platforms of varying sizes. 

  Highlights of the latest release include:


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Changing sports in 15 seconds or...
by  SkillU


   Many of you have asked why we only allow clips of 15 seconds or less on our system?  The reason is simple.  After years of research and collaboration with sports experts around the world, we realized that nearly every skill or play in sports boils down to 15 seconds or less.  

  At SkillU we only want valuable, teachable moments.  We want every clip on our system to be relevant and meaningful.  We are an extremely efficient and cost effective solution and having a diet of content without all the fat allows our end users an efficient and optimal experience.  

  Here is a run down of the many sports using our platform and the average duration required to capture those teachable moments:


        American Football

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SkillU: Out of beta packed with ...
by  SkillU

  So now that we have a fancy new package and url, you might be asking what else is new?  Well here is a rundown of some of the many feature additions.  Sit back as this may take awhile


    Still free!:   Yes, we strive to provide basic technology that everyone on the planet can take advantage of to improve their skills!  Oh…and yes it’s still FREE.  In fact, you can register here with your Facebook account!


    Sometimes free isn’t enough.  Get your own group!:  Over the course of the last year there  have been many of you who love our community and analysis tools but want more.  Our new premium groups are just what you have been asking for.  Our groups are an awesome solution for families, teams of all ages, leagues, academies, brands and more.  ...

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We are SkillU!
by  SkillU

  We are SkillU!


  Yes, it’s official!  

  We are excited to announce that is now and out ofour beta phase(more on that in a later post). 


  Why the rebranding?  

  Rumors have been swirling for months.  Was AMG  acquired?  Did we change because of the addition of Google Instant, which resulted in unfavorable search results ?  While certainly we had more than one reason for this exciting decision, the truth is that our product has outgrown the AMG brand. 

  The SkillU brand better embodies what we do.  As the pioneer in web based analysis tools we became defined solely an analysis solution for the masses.  While certainly we are still that fantastic solution, what was once AMG has evolved into the most advanced skill based learni...

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